Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mercury Retrograde, Strike 1.

I was booked a month before. Got the tickets, all packed and ready to go to my trip to Jakarta. I had them both in my hands, my passports, old and new. The old one is going to expire in 5 months time. I said to myself, "Do I really need to bring the new one? Anyway, there's still 5 months to go and it is just in Jakarta."

My FIRST dreadful mistake.

I got to the airport in time. DL got there in time. But once I got up to the counter, the head scratching begins. They didn't want to accept my old passport. I said, "WAIT! My new passport is just in Pen. I can have it brought here!" Manager said that she can only wait for 10 minutes and no longer.

I called AG and begged, "PLEASE get my passport in Pen and bring it to the airport as fast as you can!"

He tried. He really did. But it wasn't early enough. The plane closed it's doors. AG said, "Just wait there, I will pick you up and you can drive the car home but you have to hurry because I might be late for work."

As soon as he got to the airport, DL, who decided not to go without me, was informed that our luggage was already in the plane and it will take 30 minutes to pull it out. That means, AG couldn't wait for us which means we were to take a cab.

I decided to try to fix the tickets by going up to the offices. I was shocked!!! This is what it looked like on the 2nd floor of NAIA, Terminal 1. I can think of so many NAKAKA's!






We left to go have breakfast and drown our sorrows at Makati Shangri-la's Circles. A wonderful treat came upon us when GM Reto Klauser saw DL and I being sad. We explained our reason for our morning breakfast and when it was time to pay, we were informed that he treated us. A smile appeared in our faces.

I called up my travel agent, ARK TRAVEL and asked them to find me a way back to Jakarta. This time, we were booked in Singapore Airlines, which is so much better than Tiger Airways, but we had to buy whole new tickets. HAY NAKOOO!!!! Mercury Retrograding! (Told you it's real!)

Finally, we were on the plane to Jakarta. And when we got there, TR brought us to our first amazing dinner at UNION. More on that on my next post. 


Anonymous said...

Those "naka" pics are SCARY!!!!- JDH

ChaCha M. said...

Now umm all scared to go back home.