Monday, January 31, 2011

The Red Shoe Box.

I swear to you, I must have done something really good in my past life to have the kind of friends that I have now.

If you know me, I have a million and one projects up my sleeves. It's either for Waldorf School, Alay ng Puso Orphanage, tree planting and such....And I have to tell you honestly, there's always a handful of my friends who continually provide moral and financial support to all these endeavors.

So what do I do when CYT, who donates her time and hard earned money to my fundraising projects, who never fails to reprimand me about my long pending annulment, my THEN chaotic love life and my need for the best cheesecake, sends me this wonderful red Valentino shoe box?

After hyperventilating, I was able to open the box and see these 4 inch high, nude colored Valentino shoes that sends chills up my spine.

Like Cinderella, I tried them on...slowly...

Stood up and instantly fell in love.

I sat down, took them off, wrapped them up once again and said a little prayer...

Dear God,

Thank you for giving me a Mom and Dad that molded me into who I am today. I guess they did a good job for me to deserve such good friends in my life. Please continue to bless them so that they may bless me with more awesome shoes. Also, thank you for making CYT a size 8, just like me.

Love, Candy

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lucilledizon said...

You are so lucky sister! YOur blessed with wonderful friends. Very nice on you. Sizzling Haaawt! :D