Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Slacking Off.

I know....I have not been blogging and I am sure you are tired of watching Santa's message for me.

Anyway, you must know why I don't blog as often as I used to. For 3 years now, I am laptop-less. Which means, I only get to blog when I am at my office. I only get to check my emails, FB and Twitter at night using my iPhone. I feel kawawa but then again, since my last laptop died, I have been able to get more sleep, which is good.

Anyway, these last couple of days, the family went out of town for a much needed vacation. All 24 of us (including 2 yayas) flew to Cebu and spent 4 wonderful days in Shangri-la Mactan. It's my second time here and I don't mind a third, forth, fifth.....

The kids loved it. They most especially enjoyed Kids Adventure which is the greatest invention on Earth as we are able to drop the kiddos off over there and we adults got to have some peace and quiet.

But as you can see, not only the Dizon kids enjoyed the playground.....

Who goes to Cebu and not have lechon? But since we were too many to leave the resort, we had the lechon come to us. Cowrie Grill was kind enough to accommodate this request at a minimum charge. We found out that we are not really heavy eaters since we had to bring home 3/4 of the lechon back to Manila.

Here are other dishes they offer in Cowrie Grill. They are all so yummy.

Thanks to Toby and Janina for a wonderful Christmas treat!


JDHoschka said...

uhhmmm, it's only thank you Janina :-)

CherWriter said...

Hi Candy!

I see you had the much talked-about Zubuchon! :D Visayan lechon is one of the best kinds there is available, don't you agree? :D