Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chuck's Deli in my Belly!

It was the birthday of a very good friend of mine yesterday. A nice date too since it was 1-11-11 and what a great idea to celebrate it at Chuck's Deli in Serendra. Newly opened, this "slabwich" place was packed and guests were willing to wait to be seated just to experience the "slabwich" delight that it offers.

For those who do not know what a slabwich is, it is a massive slab-like sandwich, consisting of two ten-inch long slabs of homemade, crunchily toasted ciabatta with a pile of top-quality ingredients between them, eaten as a hefty meal. Average weight of a slabwich is 1/2 kilo.

Here's what Celia, the birthday girl ordered for us.

The broccoli soup that even your kids would love!!
Crab and Mango! Yummy!!!
The Pilgrim.
AG's fave.
Faking duck. Pork using a Peking Duck flavor as disguise.

Chef Katrina Arce-Kuhn, owner of Chuck's Deli was present to personally serve us her wonderful creations.

Celia and her baby girl, Zhanelle.
Before blowing her own candle, Celia passed around candles to all of her guests. Made a small speech about how happy she is and that we ourselves should use her birthday wish to make our dreams come true. It's so like her to be so generous.

Your bloggerina with Celia, one of my dearest, most loving friend.
Here's something fun to do!! Let's meet in Chuck's Deli so that you can join the eating contest while I document!!! I am thinking AG, my brothers Cedric and CJ can do this without much effort!
And lastly, as a treat, visit Chuck's Deli, order and devour your slabwich. Mention CANDIFIER and you will automatically receive one of my childhood favorite snacks! Offer is until Feb. 11, 2011.

She also makes chocolates!!! Love the designs and the packaging!

Chuck's Deli
Serendra Piazza
C-141, Serendra Piazza, Taguig, Metro Manila, PH
Telephone: (63 2) 576-4210


RubyG said...

Cands, please alert the owner about the "candifier" treat. No one knows about it. Good thing, the owner was there the first time. The second time, my son mentioned it but the cashier said there was no such freebie. Good thing I went to show your tweet. I don't have to show your tweet to get the treat. The owner should be able to cascade her promo to the staff.. :)

Candifier said...

Thanks for that info! I had informed owner already. Hope everything runs smoothly. :)

fran =) said...

oh we were there on the same night! we were part of the huge group at the other table! happy bday to your friend! :)