Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Delightyfully Patchi!

Dear Ben Chan,

About 5 years ago, Lucy Gomez would gift me with Patchi chocolates. I would never share them, except for my kids and parents. I don't think I even shared them with my siblings because it was just sinfully delicious and I know that it is not available here in the country. It has become my favorite brand of chocolate and I don't think that will ever change.

When I was in Dubai 3 years ago with my Mom, I was able to see Burj Al Arab, Raffles Hotel and all the shopping malls that I wanted to see but the most memorable store that I urged my mom to go to is PATCHI. Mom and I must have spent a full hour there admiring the idea of filling basinets, huge bowls and baskets with beautifully wrapped chocolates. The idea is simply amazing and up until now, I can clearly remember my Mom saying, "We should bring Patchi to the country."

We got home, shared our Patchi loot, this time with my siblings and 2 years later, we learned about Mom having the Terrible C. The rest is history.

Last Christmas, Ruffa sent me a box of Patchi chocolates and I was delighted to learn that Patchi has finally been brought to the Philippines. The ones that Ruffa sent me is strictly not for sharing. At least what's left of it. It's like a treasure box filled with gold!

The other day, I had the chance to visit the store and it was only then that I learned that I should be thanking YOU for bringing it closer to me.

Although my Gym Nazi is not very happy about this, I thank Lucy, Ruffa and you for this delightful chocolate experience!!!

Love, Candifier

Building 5, Bonifacio Highstreet

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