Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Calories.

Do you know how many Christmas parties you attended? I counted mine....18. Eighteen Christmas dinners that I had to go to for the sake of business, friendship, receiving gifts and just plain freeloading for food. Yes, I am cheap and I love it.

Anyway, for my Joy Luck Club Christmas Party, we had a feast that was good enough for the whole population of Quezon City.

Hey, I am not complaining, actually, looking at the pics now makes my stomach very noisy. It wants that soft, juicy and tender WAGYU steak that we cooked on the spot.

(Saliva dripping....) We also had a baby lechon, pasta, salad, pork with apple sauce and so much more.

And how many cakes do we really need? Well, we had 4.

Our view from the rooftop of Gary and Jasmin's house.

My Jul Dizon girls.

The rest of the food gang.

With all the food intake, I guess I won't be able to wear this bikini I got from Victoria Secret for a while....
CHOS!!!! (that means RIIIIGGGHHHTTT)

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