Monday, January 17, 2011

Madame Candy at Salon De Ning.

It started out with an idea. Have dinner with my MILFS and SINGLETONS gang. After dinner, we head on down to Salon De Ning. And then I said, it would be fun to have my FFDF (Fabulous Fashion Designer Friends) and then why not the Scoobygang? After much tweeting and Facebooking, my Party Peeps grew to a number of 40 for that evening.

Can you imagine how fun it was to have 40 of your beloved friends dancing and partying the night away? We drank, danced and posed like rock stars!!

I want to do it again!! I know it is a tough call but next time, I want to have 60 Party Peeps on the dance floor!!!

Thank you to my Boss for the bottle of Champagne and this cute photo!

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