Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rajo Laurel for Metro Gala. Part 1

The only time I filled up my iPhone with photos was when I was up in Batanes. I came home to see about 1,300 shots of the mountains and the sea. 

Last week, for the Metro Gala, presenting Rajo Laurel, I came home with just about 500 photos of his magnificent collection. 

Before the photos, let me tell you that on May 19, we went to Long Bar to make "salubong" the birthday of Rajo. 

Photo by Noreen Teotico

Here he is telling me that we have 2 minutes away from big day!

And when midnight struck, he rendered a song for us. I suppose in the beginning he thought he couldn't reach the high notes and then decided to go ahead and belt it out!! It was awesome. 
Photo by Noreen Teotico

Who can resist a sneak peak of the stage set up? 

Anyway, back to the show, I couldn't stop snapping away. I loved the fact that it was bright enough for instagramming, tweeting and of course, my blog without having to carry a camera. 
Thank you Robby Carmona for that. 

I won't say much because I know you will probably skip the text anyway and go straight to the photos so here goes....ENJOY! I know I did. 

Ms. Teresa Herrera looked superb in this Rajo Laurel creation.

Check out Ms. Alice Dixon as she accepts an award! All I can say is WOW! She is hawt hawt hawt. 

By the way, the most beautiful lady of the evening? Tita Bebot, Rajo's mother. She looks so regal in her blue sapphire and diamond earrings and tanzanite and diamond bead necklace which of course, is by Jul B. Dizon. (plugging)

Now for the show. 

The magic of Ria Bolivar. 

More to come...stay tuned!

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