Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mama Loves TWG!

Before anything else please try to read this with an English accent. This post has been inspired by my love for Downton Abbey and their love for all things fine. It just makes it more refined and classy. Thank you.

Dear Jody and Jacqueline, 

Did you know that TWG Tea, the world’s finest luxury tea brand, has created a multi-sensory experience with their array of divine creations to pique your mother’s taste buds and heart strings this Mother’s Day. Inspired by beauty and elegance, TWG Tea’s collection radiates a luxurious aura that is fit for a queen.

Should be perfect for me then, right girls?

A stellar collection of tea sets deserve an equally exquisite vessel. Perfect for when I entertain my friends. It provides a sanctuary for our family through lovingly-brewed tea sessions. These lacquer tea trays are perfect to display prized tea sets, hand-crafted by Russia’s most renowned porcelain masters and inspired by ancestral designs. Highlight the trend-setting taste maker in every mother with these fashionably stylish tea accessories.

If the tea set is too much for you, then perhaps these tea infused jellies is more to your liking. Your Mother’s senses will be enthralled by the perfume and flavour of every different tea notes present. These skillfully infused tea jellies will pique my taste buds and take me on a journey of gastronomical delights. Available in 4 different tea-infused flavours, 1837 Black Tea, Red of Africa, French Earl Grey and Geisha Blossom.

And lastly, a gift of divine relaxation comes in the form of TWG Tea Scented Candles. Inspired by the quiet sophistication of TWG Tea’s signature blend, 1837 Black is scented with an epicurean fantasy of vanilla, musk and sweet spices, a sparkling promise of enigmatic delights. A celebration of mysteries, Miraculous Mandarin wafts a panorama of rich spices, frankincense and notes of candied sweetness, an invitation to a sumptuous and lavish feast of the senses. You know how much I adore candles. 

So there, now I have given you ideas on what to buy me for Mother's Day. I do hope to find one, if not all of these things on my table when the day arrives. 

Thank you my dear children.

Lovingly yours,


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