Monday, May 20, 2013

Moments with SJP and My Turn at SATC.

I will tell you this now, you may think that I am very lucky to have bumped in and have quite a number of photos of and with Sarah Jessica Parker but I am not as lucky as my other friends. Will tell you more about them in a while. 

Janina has got it worse than I do though. The SJP bug bit her hard. She was feverish, shaking, crying, not eating, not speaking and Steffie and I were a bit scared of what would become of her when we do get to bump into SJP. 

In the beginning, we were quite sure we didn't have a chance because she is one of the BIGGEST celebs in the world. We assumed she would go thru the secret entrance to the hotel but on the evening of her arrival, I was waiting in the lobby for my ride. I noticed too many hotel managers waiting around the entrance of the lobby. My Sex and The City radar went full blast and I knew who I was going to see in a matter of minutes. 

Then she arrived. She was wearing a sundress with a sweater over and black shoes (a bit of heels and closed toe). There was a photographer so she put on her shades. She proceeded to the elevator but stopped by the corridor when she heard the orchestra playing New York, New York. Afterwards, she and her gang applauded. I found that very humbling. It is one thing for a top Hollywood celebrity to give acknowledgment to something as simple as music being played in the background. But kudos to The Peninsula Manila for being so welcoming. Very smart move. 

That night, I heard that Bandila of ABS-CBN used my photo of SJP. My friend Ces Drilon saw it in my instagram. So many people called to tell me about it. 

I thought, THAT was IT. 

Nix Alanon, Malu Gamboa, Rajo Laurel and most specially, Pam Quinones. They had one on one with SJP. They shared a meal, laughs, stories and shopping moments. 

Photo by Rajo Laurel

Photo by Rajo Laurel

Photo by Rajo Laurel

Photo by Rajo Laurel

Photo by Rajo Laurel

The next day, my gang and I were having our usual lunch at the Lobby when SJP entered the hotel. This was after her lunch with Pam, Rajo, Nix, etc.

As she passed our table, I kindly asked her if it was alright if we presented her a few gifts. She was nice enough to say yes for as long as we hurry as she had to shower for the SM Aura opening. 

At SM Aura, Steffie, Janina and I were very very very lucky to have been given permission to go inside the Prestige Lounge for a photo op. Thank you so much for this gift, Debbie and Harley Sy. You guys are the best. More pandesal coming your way. haha. 

Here's DS with SJP. 

Here's our moment with her. We wanted to die. I hate her waistline, it's one of my thighs. 

Cropping everyone out. Hahaha. I truly need an iPhone 5 for better photo results. Paging SMART. I think it's about time. (hint hint)

While waiting for her to pass by, I spotted this and wanted so much to buy it. Moroccan argan creme shampoo. Sounds delightful. 

Anyway, watch this for that special moment when you see SJP walk the floor of SM Aura.

After her one on one with press people, she came out for the Q and A portion hosted by the goddess Joey Mead King. Here she is wearing a Rhett Eala piece.

We love you SJP!

When we had our photo, SJP secretly whispered to me asking if I would like to be part of the SATC gang. I said no but after much pushing, I finally agreed. Here's our poster for an upcoming movie. #choz

Photo(shop) by Maco Custodio.

Janina overheard us talking and even though she wasn't invited, she crashed the photoshoot. 
Photo by Maco Custodio. Photo bomb by Janina Dizon.

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