Monday, May 6, 2013

Break It To Make It.

If you ask me, one of the favorite things that I love to do when it comes to my work is reworking old sets of jewelry and make it look new.

I got this from a client who's young, beautiful and very chic. I think that this design is too old for her so we both decided to make something out of it. 

I didn't want her to spend so much on this piece so what I did was deconstruct the parts instead of taking out the small diamonds from the mounting. 

The whole thing was made out of plenty of leaves with diamonds. I wanted to work with the existing leaves so I had the worker break it apart. 

The design is simple. Just put them all together but make it into dangling earrings.

The pearl can be attached/detached as she pleases. She can also use any other kind of drop. 

The outcome is this pair of earrings.

I am happy. I hope she loves it the way I do. 

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