Thursday, May 9, 2013

Samsonite Lite.

Seriously, I don't know how I am going to blog about this when I don't have one. I think it is best that Mr. Michael Corpuz send one over so I can test it and travel with it, throw it around, hit it with a car and see it all come out of it without major damage. Hehehe. 

Samsonite, created in 1910 by entrepreneurial Colorado native Jesse Shwayder, is the world’s leading luggage brand. Inspiring travel world-wide, Samsonite helps global travellers to cover miles and create memories with revolutionary travel solutions. Preserving the brands longstanding history of breakthroughs in research and development, Samsonite has embedded its place at the forefront of the travel world with a number of industry firsts. Showing commitment to innovation, the unique hard side collections made with the revolutionary Curv® material and the soft side ranges created with Advanced Hybrid Technology™ (AHT) join a wide spectrum of business, casual and personal accessory products in upholding Samsonite’s position as a market leader and trendsetter. Remembering past triumphs but always looking forward, Samsonite maintains a worldwide vision that continues to enable the traveler to travel further, with always lighter, stronger and innovative products at hisside. By identifying trends and interpreting the continuing evolution of world travellers’ needs, Samsonite plays a pivotal role in the multi-faceted lives of the global traveller. 

So anyway, I have added this to my wish list. 
The red one please because you know that's my favorite color. 

I know this photo doesn't show a Samsonite luggage but I thought I would share his cuteness with you guys. 

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Anonymous said...

Funny - just bought one in Cannes last week cause my rimova broke - used it once and so far so good - but design wise I think I still prefer rimova