Thursday, May 9, 2013

AEROSMITH in Manila.

The story is, I really don't know much of their songs. I know I Don't Want to Miss A Thing by heart because of Liv and Ben in the movie Armageddon where I cried buckets. 

So when I heard they were coming to Manila, I wasn't really interested to watch. Lucille and Anne truly wanted to watch it because they love Aerosmith. I got curious. 

So when Robert told me that he had a ticket for me, I was only too happy to watch one of the most popular bands in the world. 

When we arrived, the arena was not even half full. 

Thank goodness, Rob was given really awesome seats because I didn't want to stand the whole night.

Opening act was RiverMaya. They sang mostly Tagalog sings which is quite alright but I only know 3 songs of theirs which I really like. 

And then it starts. 

I loved it. Everything about it was awesome. Their energy was on full blast. I love the fact that none of the songs were lip synced or if it they did lip sync, I didn't notice, which makes it good.

Steven Tyler was very accommodating to his fans. He would reach out and grab their hands, make the girls hug and kiss him even! One time, he even went down to the crowd and hugged a whole bunch of people. The security/bouncers probably didn't like that. 

My favorite thing?? At the end, all this white confetti and white smoke came out and lasted for about 1 minute!! I loved it! I want it for my birthday. Please Rob, make it happen. :)

Thank you to my concert fairy godfather, Robert. Love ya!

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