Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sage Restaurant and Bar.

It's been a couple of months ago since this dinner occurred but with my work, travels, sickness and lazybones, I had to put aside blogging for a while. 

Anyway, my gang and I decided to try out the newly opened Sage Tapa's Bar in Makati Shangri-la. 
Love how the place looks. On the first floor is the bar with a live band and on the second is the fine dining restaurant that replaced Red. 

We started with dinner and tried a few assorted appetizers and of course, steak!

I liked my steak a lot. It was cooked the way I wanted it and the service was superb in the restaurant. 

It was a different story at the bar. We could hardly get a server's attention and it took forever to get our drinks. I also noticed foreigners who were allowed to enter the bar wearing shorts and slippers. That was a total turn off. 

Anyway, I wouldn't mind going back to the restaurant.

Steak comes with two sidings. 

Hangover Asian Edition gang, TR, CYT, SC and your bloggerina. 

Thank you B.U.Y. for treating us!! 

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leilani said...

I miss your blogging...:(