Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Robert Blancaflor for Jody's 21!

It was a last minute decision on my part. Well, I had two weeks to prepare but for a surprise party, that's pretty much cramming. 

I was running out of options for a venue so I made decided to hold Jody's 21st Birthday and early graduation party at home. Since the weather was still good end of February, outdoors was not such a bad idea. 

So I had the cars removed to make space for the party. When it was empty, I was didn't know what to do with the space so I did the best thing I can ever do. Call Robert Blancaflor. 

That morning, his staff came over and transformed this....... this. 

Small corners for lounge chairs were added. 

Thank you to my gays for coming and showing lots of love to my baby girl. 

And to all her friends who kept it a secret and helped me with the surprise (though I failed at it) 
....thank you. 

And now that she has graduated, I am so proud that she's officially a working girl....but to me, she will always be my baby. 

To Robert Blancaflor, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity, generosity and loyalty. You will always be my good friend. 

To view his other works, click HERE.

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