Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sunday Sail!

Two Sundays ago, Jacqui and I went to Anilao, Batangas for Alyanna Martinez' Fitness Party. I had forgotten how far Anilao was because the last time I was there was two decades ago. It was where I became a certified diver. 

Although I am happy about being able to dive again, I didn't think that I would go back to Anilao anytime soon. 

BUT when Macky asked me if I wanted to go sailing on her sister's Catamaran, how can I possibly say no?? And guess where the boat is docked....yup...Anilao. So the very next Sunday, the girls and I are back in the same road to an experience we won't likely to forget. 

We have Myla, Macky and Bernard to thank for that. 

Our meeting point was at Aiyanar and I must say that this is a very beautiful resort and I would not mind going back...just not this Sunday ok?

When the sailboat arrived (as you can see in the background), the gang got ready to board. 

As soon as we arrived, we were served freshly grilled food! 

After lunch, Maco, Dennis, Jody, Jacqui and I started our photoshoot. With the sea and mountains as background, a beautiful sailboat, wind on our hair and the warm rays of the sun, we couldn't help it. 

Maco was mainly our stylist and I was the photographer (except when I was the subject). 

Cara and Jacqui were perfect models. 

The super sexy Macky. 

And then it was goofing around with Jacqui. 

Maco makes sure my hair is blowing in the right direction. 

Photographed by Dennis. 

While we were busy modeling, Jody focused on catching on her sleep and getting a tan. 

Love this capture of Dennis taking a dive! 

Didn't realize how scared Maco is of the water! Took us 15 minutes to convince him to take the plunge! 

While Cara did about 8 jumps!! 

Jody woke up from her deep slumber and joined me for a swim.

I am happiest when the girls and I get to do something fun and new together!

Cheers to a wonderful Sunday with even more wonderful friends!! 

Sadly, we had to leave after the sun had set but we all leave with happy memories!

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