Friday, July 25, 2014

The Blackbird Experience.

Located at the old Neilson Tower along Makati Avenue, Ayala Triangle, Blackbird is the newest baby of Chef Colin Mackay. 

Two weeks ago, I was invited by fellow food blogger, Joel Nunez to experience the dishes that I would see and drool over when someone posted photos on Instagram. 

Upon entering, the very chic and cozy cocktail area is what you will see first. To the left is a bar where you can have a drink or two while waiting for your table. 

To the right is a lounge that I will surely spend a lot of my evenings at. 
It is also where Joel and I had dessert. 

First up, drinks. I had a mango mojito. Very yummy but I still can't figure out what to do with the mint leaves in my mouth after I take a sip. 

Reminds me of my favorite Vietnamese dish. This pork belly skewers with lemongrass and lime noodles will get you excited for the main course. 

But of course, one kind of appetizer is not enough so we had crab cakes on a bed of coleslaw. If it had three more, I would have been happy to have this for my main course. 

I have two words for this. EMPTY PLATE.

If the restaurant serves burgers, then you must try it. That's the golden burger rule. I enjoyed the tomato compote on top of the cheese. I would usually do away with the fries but not this time. 

The branzino, a white fish fillet baked to a crisp yet juicy and tender inside. 

Make your reservations way ahead of time. It is after all the hottest place to dine and it will be for a very long time. 

Blackbird, 828-4888.

To my partner is many, many unspeakable crimes, thank you. 
Joel Nunez and your bloggerina.

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