Thursday, July 24, 2014

Farewell to Tivoli.

For those who were not able to dine in The Tivoli, I kind of feel bad for you. No, I feel a lot bad for you because you may have to wait for so many years before you can dine again in such a fine restaurant in Mandarin Oriental. 

Luckily for my gang and I, we were able to dine last week in my favorite restaurant in Manila. 

Sad to say that Tivoli will be closing tomorrow, Friday after lunch. Two days ago, I tried my very best to book my friends a table. I tried to book myself a table and they just could not accept anymore reservations because they are filled to the brim with diners. 

So anyway, for those who missed out..... this one's for you. 

To Tivoli, THANK YOU for all the memories, laughter, friendship, great service and thousands of calories. See you again soon! 

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