Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What is Puey Up to These Days?

Cooking. This is his passion. Making people fat because of his delicious dishes. 
Last week, a few were invited to enjoy a 6 course dinner at his penthouse and I came prepared. I didn't have lunch and was drooling at the sight of the food being plated. 

He's not alone in this new business venture as he is in partners with Drew Rivera, who is in charge of the menu, pricing, delivering and financing Puey's Penthouse. 

PQ offered us the following dishes. 

Salted Egg Ensalada. 

Pasta Aligue, my favorite. 

Roasted Chicken with garlic.

Humba, so tender and flavorful.

While I was feeling too full with just the 4 courses, PQ was still at it. 



Ramona Ang brought in some goodies from Diamond Hotel. 

It also happened to be Pia Campos' birthday! 

Three days after, I ordered 4 dishes from Puey's Penthouse so that my family can try Puey's cooking! If you want to try it out, please email drew.rivera.10@gmail.com. 

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