Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fiber and Fruit!

Amidst fitness crazes, stern regimens, diet fads, and fleeting food restrictions, the pursuit for the elusive lean body (with great washboard abs as emphasis) has been a regular part of the modern Filipino lifestyle.  But in this fast-becoming health-conscious world, looking good is clearly not enough; balancing off the inner workings of one’s system is more important in achieving and maintaining a lean, fit, and healthy figure.  Enter Fiber & Fruit from the country’s innovative snack and refreshment company, Oishi, offering the goodness of soluble dietary fiber in a deliciously convenient and refreshingly natural fruit drink. 

Soluble dietary fiber has been a buzzword of nutritionists and fitness professionals for decades, emphasizing the importance of daily fiber intake to neutralize the ebb and flow of one’s digestion.  While fiber can be acquired from a lot of natural sources such as fruit and vegetables, sadly, the average Filipino does little to meet the 25-gram recommended dietary fiber intake vital in maintaining a healthy digestive system.  And poor workings of the digestive system could lead to a number of ailments and inconveniences: the uncomfortable constipation, the undesirable obesity, or the life-threatening colon cancer.      

So Oishi, with the Filipino health in mind, developed the perfect way of providing your dietary fiber RDA the best way it knows how: delicious, convenient, and affordable.  With over 7g of dietary fiber in every 500mL bottle (or 5g in every 350 mL bottle), Fiber & Fruit matches the fiber content of a sachet of the leading fiber supplement brand, while offering the tastiest, most refreshing option.  With the flavor of natural fruit juices of Apple, Peach, and Grape, fiber intake has gone a long way from the inconvenient, tasteless and texture-weird options currently available.  Readily found in most convenience store chains and neighborhood stores around the country, Fiber & Fruit serves up your daily fiber dose with a simple twist of the cap.

And once you discover the goodness of adding fiber in your diet, you quickly realize that Fiber & Fruit makes living light, clean, and free. By flushing out the toxins from one’s regular food intake, Fiber & Fruit aids in maintaining a healthier stomach, colon, and liver by decreasing their working’s impact on the system.  Fiber & Fruit not only regularizes the body’s inner movements, the refreshing drink also adds healthful, cell-protecting benefits in the body.  And what is good on the inside shows on the outside, so expect a fresher, youthful outlook in life.

So whatever your dietary convictions may be—whether you eat fatty or lean, matched with exercise, or foregoing any fitness activity-- maintain a healthy tummy in a fast, fun and ultimately flavorful way. With the goodness of fruit matching the powerful health rewards of fiber, Fiber & Fruit makes fiber intake “O so awesome”!  

Aside from all the write up from the press kit that was given to me.....it really is delicious. My favorite is Peach and Apple combined...with lots of ice! The sad thing.....I was given only 6. I wanted a whole box. It's that yummy. :) 

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