Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Day in Paradise.

The Dizon Family is huge. I mean huge. So huge that Daddy felt he needed to buy a 33 seater bus for when we go out of town. So huge that we need to book 5 rooms if ever we stay in a hotel. With yayas in tow, we are a traveling group of 30. 

Traveling by plane can get pretty pricey, locally and most surely if internationally. 

So this Easter, we decided to stay in Manila and do quick and short out of town trips. After all, Manila is at its best during Holy Week when the roads are almost empty. 

It was 3 days after our first day off from work and I could feel that Daddy is getting bored. He planned a trip to Subic using the Dizon bus and we were all set to go when I got a call the night before. 

It was Small and Ate Alice. 

2 weeks before Holy Week, I jokingly asked Small if they have a mansion to lend us. Take note, I asked for a mansion. Naturally, one would take this as a joke. 

The night before our Subic trip, I returned a missed call from Ate Alice. 

ME: Hi Ate! How are you? 
AA: I am good! I am so sorry to call you last minute but I want your family to go to my house in Tagaytay Midlands. 
ME: OMG, are you serious? (At this point, I am thinking, this is much better than Subic!)
AA: Yes, I want your family to use it. My cook will go there and prepare mirienda and dinner on your first day and breakfast and lunch for the next day. I insist. 

There's a lot of chit chat in between. But at the end of the night, it was settled. I will haul half of the Dizon Clan to Midlands, THANKS to my dearest Alice and Small. 

When I got there, I nearly fainted. Before my eyes was actually a MANSION. I instantly knew that God and Mom sent me my two angels (Alice and Small) and gave me and my family exactly what I asked for. 

The poolside. It's heated. It's huge. It's an infinity pool. It's so clean. It's a whole lot of fun! 

The pool bathroom!

The gardens. Manicured and landscaped to perfection!

The outdoor dining area. Our favorite place to hang out. 

Our 5 lbs came from these food. 

Gotta love SPAM.

The basement has a bedroom with 4 beds. The kids loved the sheets but this room has my name written all over it. I shared it with my Daddy, aunt, AG, Stefan and Jody. We all slept like babies. 

The Main House. 

Master's Bedroom.

Bedroom 1.

Bedroom 2.

The living room. 

The girls took their corners. 

My favorite view! Because I was hanging out the pool almost the whole time. This was my view for hours and hours. I didn't realize until now (when I have downloaded all my photos) that I took so much photos of the side of the house that...well....check it out...

At 2:00 pm.

At 3:00 pm.

Around 5:30 pm.

Around 7:30 pm.

We were sad to leave but happy we had a chance to enjoy each other in what we call paradise. 

To my Angel up in heaven, Mom, thank you for giving me two angels here on Earth.

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OhMarieOH said...

How lovely Candy! A paradise made in heaven! We must visit Tagaytay Midlands next time we visit. I just have to find out if there's a place like this that we can rent out.