Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Oh My Gulay!!!

I do my grocery at Hypermart along EDSA. I love to shop there because it is spacious, clean and the staff are efficient. 

I don't go to the wet market because I hate seeing all the flies on the meat and vegetables. So even if it is a bit more expensive, I buy them in the grocery. 

But last week, I was grossed out and saddened to see that my Hypermart had vegetables in the display chiller that's almost rotten inside.

I bought it, went home to make salad and inside the outer leaves was this....EEEWWWWW....
I think that all the groceries need a fresh produce manager who checks on expiry dates and vegetable and fruits freshness.

Calling Hypermart Managers, don't make your customers eat dead leaves. 


Marissa said...

You should go to the Sunday market near the Quezon Ave MRT station. I believe people sell fresh produce there and they don't have flies.

Anonymous said...

I Think This Can happen to any1. in the supermarket or at the market. As a chef sometimes i get a beautiful eggplant and once sliced there would be a worm, or a fresh looking garlic bulb with insects, or just like you a bunch of lettuce and a few would be wilted inside. This happens alot especially to fresh produce. If you want fresh Then expect to get thèse ónce in a while. I love sweetbee though!