Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cameo and Juliette.

Whenever my mom's clients from when she was still 30's would come to the store, they would usually be wearing a set designed and made for them by her. They would tell me proudly that it was done from way back then but is still so wearable until now. The design and workmanship is why I think Jul B. Dizon Jewellery is still in business today, after 31 years.

The one thing that my mom loves to design is the cameo. She made them in so many ways that her "lola" clients are still in love with them and have even passed them down to the next generation. So far, I haven't had to dismantle any of mom's work because they are all still good.

The last couple of months, there was an influx of demand for cameos and carved conch shells jewellery. They came to us loose and we had the great opportunity to design and show my own take on the said material.

Here's some of the pieces that we have done from the past to the present Enjoy!

Your bloggerina wearing her latest creation.


Anonymous said...

Does the pearls on the 1st photo, moves? dances? :) how much is that and the ring you're wearing. way cool! thanks!


Mel said...

Your pieces are a standout, unique and very elegant. You latest creation is breathtaking. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the cameo ring on the second pic. M x

candifier said...

yes the pearls from the 1st ring moves.

the ring that I wore is sold for P65k.