Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All About Me!

I was all dolled up. My hair and make up done and my dress from Randy O. fit me perfectly. I was able to buy shoes last minute and I love my new earrings. I would be stupid to waste all this if I don't post photos of me during this night. Sayang naman yung binayad. BWA HA HA!!!

And besides, check out my sisters!! VAVAVAVOOOOM!!!

The photo above was taken by the talented and pretty Sarah Black. Thank you SB!!!

My mother.

The whole fam.

With the white boys, Tobias and Andreas.

Maggie, Steffie and Junjun.

Irene and Michael.

Belle and Rosette.

Richard and Lucy.

Lucille and Janina.

Your bloggerina and the CandyMan.

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