Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Bags of the Shopaholics!

Whenever we have our anniversary, other than thinking about designs, set up, guest list, food selection and all that, one thing I am always excited about is seeing the guests and what they are wearing.

I know that a lot of my friends came to the show but because I am a just a salesperson, I didn't have time to say hello to everyone. So patiently, I wait for the photos from the photographer and see how beautiful everyone looked that day.

One thing I noticed is of course, the Hermes bags. Different colors, different styles but all really beeeaauuttiffuuulll!!!

Now, I am not much into bags but I do appreciate them just as much as I appreciate my people bangles (more on that on the next post).

Just in case one of you kind hearted people want to make me part of your H gang, I want a red one please! Hahaha!

Here are they are!!!

Thanks to the baghag for some of the photos!!!

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