Thursday, February 9, 2017

My Trying Hard Gang.

This dinner was, no exaggeration, five months in the making. We all wanted to get together before Christmas but getting all nine of us available at the same night is just so difficult....but a few weeks ago, we finally did it. 

The restaurant of choice, after many many reservations and cancellations is Bar Pintxos in Fort. We all agreed that the food is consistently good and it's quite near to everybody. 

Turned out, it became Christine's birthday treat for the gang. So, a great big thank you for that Chris!! 

Now, let's start with what we had. 

Love this.

Tortilla Patatas Chorizo, so-so. 

I could eat this all myself. 

A must try. Lamb Paella.

Chopito Frito. They either need a smaller plate or more squid per order. 

Our usual group shot....but wait, after seeing this photo, Christine said that it looked too stiff. That it didn't seem like we were such good friends...she wanted us closer....perhaps a selfie is best....

So in the car, Santi tried.... (disaster).

In Tomatito, where we had dessert, it was Jo's turn to try. (Not everyone was happy about this photo.)

So we passed the phone to Ven..... (seems decent enough).

But we all went back to having a waiter take the shot. 

But no matter how near or far, how often or seldom I see them, I love my friends dearly. 

Thank you for dessert Tiff!!!

I still have to try out Tomatito for dinner but Bar Pintxos, I shall return. 

Bar Pintxos
+632 8101307

P.S. We call ourselves the TH gang because we try so hard to stay out late and party like rockstars. But sadly, we were all tired come midnight. 

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