Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Scratch to Finish.

So it started out with playing around with the stones. Positioning them loosely on paper until my mind says, "Yeah, this could work." So I sketch the design around the stones. 

The goldsmith then interprets the design almost exactly the way it was drawn. 

They carve out the carahorn and lay the stones on top of the mounting to see if I approve. 
I approve. 

Stones are set, turquoise, mother of pearl and carahorn are glued and pendant is polished. 

When done, someone falls in love with it, buys it and takes it home.
Next thing I know, she comes by the store wearing the piece and it makes my heart smile. 
She also wears it with earrings that I designed for her 5 years ago. 
I am happy she is happy. She also looks great. 

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