Monday, February 15, 2016

Four Seasons Resort, Marrakech.

It's not hard to fall in love with Marrakech. In fact, despite the not-so-pretty airport, crappy looking cabs, scary street peddlers and dusty air, it was quite easy for me to love Morocco. 

It was last October when I went and I believe that this is the best time to go, weather wise. The nights are cool but during the day, you can enjoy the sunny weather and work on your tan. 

Aside from the interesting souks and medinas that we visited in Rabat and Fes, it is the hotels and riads that truly made my heart skip a beat. Moroccan's truly know how to leave a tourist in awe when it comes to where one can stay. 

Let me show you Four Seasons Resort.

This resort has 141 rooms and is ten minutes away from the airport. It has three restaurants, a beautiful lobby and breathtaking rooftop. 

Their boutique has the best local products. There are similar items that you can get/find in souks but in this boutique, they made sure that the quality of each piece is done well so expect a higher price. 

My favorite spot is the magnificent pool, of course. Virginie Vaillant, Public Relations Manager treated SFV and I to a scrumptious lunch an hour of very interesting stories about the King and Morocco. 

After lunch, we were given a private tour of the premises and all I could hear myself say is WOW. Must have been 2,000 times, if not more. 

Absolutely love the artwork, which are also for sale. 

Every corner is photogenic and I just couldn't stop snapping away. 

The Presidential Suite. When I took this photo, I was informed that they will soon renovate it to give it more a Moroccan feeling. I am sure it looks 100% better now. Imagine that. 

A big thank you to General Manager, Feliz Murillo for adding a WONDERFUL memory to my Moroccan adventure. 

Sonja Vodusek, Felix Murillo and your bloggerina. 

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