Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lung Hin at Marco Polo.

I eat out a lot. I like trying new places and for Chad's birthday, we decided to try Lung Hin at Marco Polo because Chinese food is all that my Daddy will eat. You make him try other cuisines and you will never hear the end of it. 

I loved the look of the hotel but I really do not like the elevator system. It took us forever to get to the parking because we had to switch elevators several times to avoid waiting and for the simple reason that only three elevators go to the parking area. Anyway, other than that, I was only able to go to Lung Hin so I can't really do a proper review of the hotel. 

We got a private room which seats about 12 comfortably. It has its own toilet which is always a plus. The interior is nice and modern. We got a room where the view is incredible, though it was raining that evening. 

Before your orders arrive, they show you a tray full of appetizers. We thought it was cool until we were told that they aren't free. Usually, those peanuts and pickled vegetables are already given out as complimentary appetizers. Being in a family of freeloaders, we decided not to partake and wait for our orders. 

I still like Tim Ho Wan's pork buns but this wasn't bad at all. 
Three pieces to an order. 

Crispy suckling pig was very delicious. 
This plate consists of two orders. 

Prawns....not sure if I love the blueberry one (middle) and I don't think I would re-order this dish. 

This was truly yummy!!! The beef was tender and vegetables steamed to perfection. Served with foie gras on the side. Make sure you eat all three in one bite. A must!

When dining with Toby and Lucille, sweet and sour cannot go missing. 

I like their birthday noodles. It was oozing with sauce and big prawns and mushrooms. Delicious! 

Our server then called me by my name, she said, "Hello Miss Candy, nice to see you here."
I asked her how she knew me and she told me that she used to serve me at The Tivoli, Mandarin Oriental. Always happy to bump into people from MO. I miss that hotel so much. 

Anyway, she introduced me to the restaurant manager and soon after, they gave us two complimentary bottles of bubbly!! 

Guinevere Chua-Chan, Lung Hin manager and Joevert Valdez, assistant manager served it to the family. I am sure it is because of these two that the servers are trained so well to attend to guests. They never failed to serve with a smile. 

Soon after, the chef from Hong Kong arrives. What a wonderful treat!
Thank you Chef Pun Ka Ming, Dim Sum Chef for making sure that our bellies are happy. 

When we thought the night was over, complimentary dessert!! I usually don't like anything jelly but I would have this over and over again. 

The restaurant is beautiful and I cannot wait to bring my gang over for another Chinese food escapade! 

Thank you Kuya and Happy Birthday!!!

Lung Hin
Marco Polo Ortigas Manila

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