Thursday, July 9, 2015

Baits with my Doñas.

The Doñas decided to celebrate Dennis Lustico's birthday at Baits because Jo was craving for oysters. 

I have mixed feelings about Baits. 

Let's just say that I loved the service more than the food?

This dish wasn't bad but to put the crispy kamote chips really doesn't go as far as plating. 

Oysters are good and fresh.

Cute way to serve a cocktail. 


Now, I am not sure if I am right about this one because it's been a month since we ate here but I believe this is how they serve sisig.... if it is, or whatever it is, I did not love it. 

Chicken's not what I expected. I just want my chicken wings fried served with sour cream.  This came out sorta like roasted...? But it was marinated well, was tender and juicy. 

Hmmm... this was my order..I forgot what it was but I remember not finishing it. 

One of the nights when the company wins over food. 

It was last month but I've been so lazy to blog but just for my record, 
Happy Birthday Dennis!!! 

Drinks at Hooch followed after!! Now, this was ALL good. 

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