Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dior in the Philippines.

I need this in my life. 

My new favorite place to hang out in, the Dior shop in SM Makati. 

Nice catching up with friends. 

A Short Poem.

My Darling Ferdi
You are the only man in my life,
Who can kiss away my Dior lippie
As if I am your wife. 

For grabbing my ass in front of all,
Squeezing it tight
Like I'm some booty call,
I'm there for you morning and night. 

I figure he couldn't keep his hands off me because of I was wearing my favorite Dior fragrance. 

I wish Jul B. Dizon can do something like this with you Lucy!! 

Before the dinner, Ria and I had a glass of champagne to celebrate the opening of Dior in Manila. 

So very happy with the food of Blackbird lately. Turning out to be one of my favorite restaurants. 

Congratulations Dior and Ferdi Salvador for such a successful event and for having me.

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