Monday, December 9, 2013

YStyle: XXXChristmasParty.

Sadly, there was nothing triple X about the party of YStyle last week. It was quite wholesome. Cupcakes, bronuts, coffee and juice were served along with delicious food. 

It was held at the very posh, spanking new (not even open yet, but opened for one night, shet, ang lakas mo Bea Ledesma!) Century City Mall owned by the Antonio's.

YStyle treated us to a private screening of Hunger Games. 

The cinema, I tell you, is the best exclusive screening area I have ever been to. The chairs are all automatically reclinable with leg support so that you can literally (almost) lie down while watching the film. If you decide to book this in the future for your private parties, make sure you tell your guests to wear a parka, thermal underwear, boots, gloves and a dozen scarves. It's THAT cold. 

My gang took over the upper left hand of the cinema. We were all hoping that we would win all the major raffle prizes. 

Jojie and Dennis. 

JC and yours truly. 

Chelsea and Christian. 

Christian and Candy. Uuuyyy, love triangle daw. 

Happily, it was Chelsea who won the Jul Dizon ring that we gave to Ystyle! I love it! 

The Dizon sisters each won something. We were truly lucky. 

Ria won this cool phone with headset thingy!! 
Photo by Ria Bolivar's Instagram. 

Super cute keychain from Y 3 is one of the giveaways to early birds. 
Photo by Janina Hoschka's Instagram.

When I got home, I laid out the lootbag we were all given after the party. 
THANK YOU SO MUCH Bea Ledesma, Cai Subijano and the rest of the Ystyle team for such a wonderful evening. 

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