Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ruined Out in Pompei.

For my three weeks in Italy, I have seen a gazillion ruins and when I went to Pompei, I think that's when I said, "Enough ruins already!"

Actually, this place is filled with interesting history. The kids learned so much from reading about it. Thank goodness for Ginny for being the educator that she is. She bought the tour book and told the kids everything they needed to know about the place. I have no patience. 

I just kept on taking photos and trying my best to find the exit discreetly. 

It didn't help that it was a sunny day. I was secretly wishing for Teddy, my driver, to come pick me up. 

My Jacqueline liked the place and was patient enough with me when I told her to pose for a photo. 

When Mt Vesuvius erupted, stones, ashes and fumes destroyed Pompei and Herculaneum. This museum inside Pompei are actual remnants of the pulverized city. Yes, that's a real person in the photo, mummified by the volcanic debris and time. 

At the end of the tour, I was so happy to see GREENS!!! The trees, grass, bushes and flowers are such a delight after all those depressing ruins. 

See the contrast in this photo?
 That's why we need to plant more trees in the city. 

The Dizon Family!

Speaking of Pompei, there's a new movie coming out soon that will tell us what happened in this city forever lost. Watch out for it!

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