Monday, December 2, 2013

The Rotunda Lunch Break.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and the gang and I decided to have lunch at The Rotunda in SFO. There, I was to meet up with a friend of a friend. Peach flew to California to spend a few days with me and college friends. Abby flew in from LA for the weekend as well. Michael spent the afternoon with us gals. Lulu, my new friend, was already there when we got to the restaurant.

This is what we had. 

Lobster bisque. 

Lobster salad. 

Tuna tartare. 


I believe these were crab cakes but I am not sure. 

Lobster club. 

Spring rolls. 

Thank you so much CW for introducing Lulu to me! 

And to Michael, you are too generous. Thank you so very much for treating us for this wonderful lunch and for providing extra juicy stories. Love you!!!

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