Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cris and Butch's Love.


This is one of the things I know Cris Albert loves.

When I entered Las Flores for her Anniversary party I was blown away with the gorgeous flower arrangements that were perfectly placed all over the restaurant. 

The Ecuadorian Roses, Cabbage Roses, Stargazers and Hydrangeas filled the dining area which made it look more like a flower shop than anything. All I could think of was how Mom would love it. 

That's one thing Cris and Mom have in common. 

Anyway, aside from the magnificent decor, the food was so delicious. I must have eaten 

Dennis and Jenni.

Spot the Lustico clutch. 

Yes, I had a drink. Just 1 drink but I look like I had a barrel. Small, Pops and yours truly. 

My very first photo bomb! I am so proud. 

Spot the cutie! 

Ferdi, Small and your bloggerina. 

Happy Anniversary to you dear Cris and Butch!! 

Thank you for having me in this special day of yours. 

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