Thursday, January 17, 2013

Barrio Dizon!

For our company Christmas Party, we decided to have a fiesta! We asked the staff to come in their Filipino attire and in return the best dressed gets extra moolah!

But a month before our party, I asked each and everyone of our staff to cut out triangles from old magazines for our banderitas. They did a great job in putting them up!

I was so impressed with the effort they made! Some rented and some even had their family in the provinces ship their costumes here in Manila! 

Half of them came in as themselves, which sucked. Next time, no excuses. 

Nora poses next to our dirty ice cream station.

Puto bumbong and bibinka!

Manong Taho was a hit!

Manggang hilaw with dirty bagoong! Yum!

Kikiam, fish/squid balls and kwek kwek with sago't gulaman was so fun!!

Teddy, our driver/florist/cook/carpenter was in charge of grilling the fish!

We also held a RECYCLED PAROL making contest. I tell you, the creativity of our workers is truly something else. Check them out. 

This may look simple enough but if you look closely at the details you will see what I mean. This won first prize. 

The star is made out of seeds. 

The ring around the star is made out of the bottom part of plastic soda bottles. 

2nd prize goes to this BEER bottle cap parol! Our 2 houseboys collected all the caps from CJ's drinking parties and made this awesome star!! This is my personal winner. 

Truly love it!!!

By the way, meet Ted, our best dressed for the night!! 

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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