Thursday, January 17, 2013

Closeup WHITE NOW!!

The secret to the instant whitening effect of Closeup White Now is its breakthrough “Blue Foam Technology.” Just like how a green-tinted concealer will hide a red pimple, Closeup White Now’s blue tint conceals the yellowness of teeth surface instantly, making it look whiter in just one brush. It’s basic color science! Because of this technology, the product is most effective with more noticeably yellow teeth.
So I put it to a test. (Excuse my two small teeth. I don't know why they never grew.)

No lipstick, no Closeup. 

On top of the instant whitening effect, Closeup White Now also has a gradual whitening action that provides long-term stain removal and whitening. Along with its unique whitening formula, the toothpaste also contains all the anti-cavity protection provided by regular fluoride toothpastes with a Glacier Fresh flavor that leaves your mouth with an intense burst of freshness.

Lipstick with no Closeup.

The thin layer of Blue Foam stays on teeth temporarily and is removed over time with activities like chewing and eating food. That is why it is recommended that you brush your teeth often to maintain the instant whitening effect.

Lipstick with Closeup.

The verdict? It won't whiten your teeth permanently. It is what I call COSMETICS TEETH WHITENING. It is very much like applying make up, say, liptstick. My lips on the first photo is pale pink. But lipstick is applied, it becomes somehow nicer. Same with the toothpaste! 

I am happy to have whiter teeth especially for photo shoots and parties. 
Instant white! That's what you get. I likey!

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