Monday, January 30, 2012

Prettiest Garden Ever!

It's Andie's 1st Birthday and Frankie's 4th. The theme was Garden and the place was filled up with the prettiest butterflies, mushrooms, ladybugs, birds and flowers anyone can ask for. 

It was a huge celebration for Andie and Frankie and their parents C and L, 
did an outstanding job in hosting it! 

I had convinced C to hire Andreas to do the dessert buffet spread. I had to make sure that he does it well because C is my BFFF. 

I visited his kitchen and was just in time to taste one of his freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. I love it when the cookies are served warm when the chocolate is just gooey and melting all over the place!


The cupcakes were strawberry shortcake and chocolate! 

Chocolate Cake pops!

Marshmallow Fudge Brownies.

Cream Puffs with strawberry frosting!


Marilyn Go did the ballroom set up and of course, no one could stop me from instagramming! 


Can I just have Muscle Beach forever in my house??? I love corn dogs!!!

The kids had so much activities to keep them busy! Each game definitely won them a prize and it was heaven-like for the kids and not so kids to bring home goodies!!

 The ballroom was packed with well wishers and I have to say that the DIZON kids were so happy to have been a part of Andie's 1st and Frankie's 4th Birthday!!!


Anonymous said...

hi, may i know the supplier of the cake? :) Thanks

Candy B. Dizon said...

Kitchen Kraft.