Monday, January 16, 2012

A Baby Shower for a Princess.

Jed Uy Photography

The mother to be, Grace, wearing a Maxi Cinco gown! 

Yes, people, THE Felix and Grace Ang are having a baby girl. It's such a wonderful gift to the couple and everyone close to them. This baby will be a princess like no other and the parents know it all too well. Which is why we for her baby shower, we were transported to Paris! 

It was so organized, picture perfect and simply c'est magnifique! Every corner was beautified that I must have flooded twitter with my instagram photos! 

This this Eiffel Tower as centerpiece.

Barbie Pardo did the event styling and I must say that it was outstanding! 
The details and workmanship of each decor was superb!  Do you know that the Eiffel Tower is made out of rolled newspapers/yellow pages? It was then stacked up to create this wonderful piece and painted white. Do you also know that they are made by prisoners in Navotas? Awesome! 

The Navotas City Jail prisoners gave my husband a paper boat as a gift. It was entirely made of recycled PLDT yellow pages and string. We were both amazed at the detail so since then - when he was elected mayor just last election, I've been sending drawings to them to see the possibly of jumpstarting a little craft business for them, so even behind bars, they can earn for their families. 

                                                   -Barbie Pardo

And bravo for that collaboration Barbie!

The guests!
Jed Uy Photography

Salome wore an Eric De los Santos dress which swayed beautifully with every move. 
Oh, she also wore Jul B. Dizon earrings. 

Group shot, your bloggerina, Small Laude, Alice Eduardo, Salome Uy, Paul Cabral and Avel Bacudio.
Jed Uy Photography

Small wore Maxi Cinco.

Cristina Limsin.

The couple with Vicky Morales.

The set up, giveaways and the dessert!

Jed Uy Photography

Personalized memo pads, bracelet and perfume. 

A Birkin Congregation. 

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