Monday, January 16, 2012

Allison Perry Party!

Turning 7 is not how I remember it to be. I know that having a few cousins in the house with cake and balloons would be enough. Swimming is all we need to do and everything is good! But now, when a kid turns 7, it usually means a big celebration. Actually, 1, 7 and 18 are probably the biggest celebration a kid can have for his/her birthday. I am glad I am done with those numbers.

But when Allison, the only and youngest daughter of Philip and Small Laude turned 7 with Katy Perry as theme, the whole fashion industry were put into action. It was a contest. Best dressed would win tickets to watch Katy Perry live in Manila. Who wouldn't want that? I planned to have my girls have their clothes made by my seamstress but then I realized, wait, Allison is 7. Jacqui and Jody are 15 and almost 19. I didn't want them to be the oldest ones in costume. 

Boy, was I mistaken. 50% of the women there were clad in pink, blue and yellow wigs, shiniest tops and eyelashes a mile long! I felt that everyone brought out their inner Tessa Prieto-Valdes in them. 

Ok, I will stop talking now. 

The birthday girl, Allison! 

Mother of Allison, Small Laude was for me, best dressed! Her dress is by Anthony Ramirez.

The centerpiece was to die for and it went home to one lucky winner. 
My Jacqui was sad to have lost the game. 

Instagraming is so much fun when you see all these pretty things!!!

The Laude's!

Camille Mathay's darling girl. 

Yes folks, that is Felix Ang with spiky blonde hair. 
The dessert buffet!

Avel Bacudio feeling the color pink!

6ft tall birthday cake!

A very busy photographer, Mr. Jed Uy was in charge of capturing the memories! 

Allison blows her candles on her MEGA cake!

Pops Fernandez!

Victor Aliwalas and Liz Almoro.

This young lady won 2 Titanium tickets to the Katy Perry concert. 

Your bloggerina and Small who actually has a HUGE heart!

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