Friday, November 21, 2014

The New Old Manila.

Are you ready for the new OLD MANILA? 

It's officially my new favourite fine dining restaurant in the country. 

It's not only delicious food prepared by Chef de Cuisine Ricardo Acquits but it's the wonderful service. 

These are my personal choices. 
Marinated Cherry Tomatoes, fresh basil in black balsamic with Burrata cheese. 

Blue Crab Tortellini Langoustine, seafood cream sauce and olive oil caviar. 

Veal Tenderloin, pesto crust, green asparagus, parmesan cream, beef-balsamic jus. 

Dry Aged CAB Rib Eye. 
This is already split into two because there's no way I can finish one order.

Baileys Semifreddo, coffee cous cos, coffee ice cream. 

My gang for the three times I have eaten in the new OLD MANILA. 
Lucy, yours truly, Mario, Rajo and Richard. 

Ghia, Joie, Steffie, Owee, Chad, Marbee and your bloggerina. 

My Yap and Vecchio Family and my baby girl.

The Peninsula Manila

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