Thursday, August 14, 2014

WARNING, do not read if you are hungry.

For my birthday two weeks ago, I decided to hibernate and spend some alone time up in a cabin. It was just me and my yaya for a good 4 days and 3 nights. It was wonderdul. I took naps, listened to my music, played games on my iPad, slept early and woke up late. I walked around the village and got my fill of fresh air. 

Now that I am back to civilization, I have very dear friends that want to celebrate my birthday with me. First up was Jasmin and Dennis and they treated me to a delightful dinner in Sala. 

This is my Chef Colin Mackay Overload Experience. 

We all had the 5 course meal and up until now, I still can't forget how delicious everything was. 

Let me show you. 

Jasmin and Dennis had the fish. 

And I had the duck. 

The pannacotta is to die for. Absolutely yummmmmmy!!!

Of course we had our happy liquid but because I ate, I didn't get drunk. 

When one proved to be insufficient, we headed back to the poolside of The Peninsula and had another. Perfect way to end the evening.

Thank you so very much Jasmin and Dennis for showing me so much love. 

The very next day, Venisse and Joanna had my birthday lunch at Blackbird. In all honesty, I was more impressed with the food I had this time and now, I am even more excited about going back for more. 

Next time, there will be no sharing for this order. ALL MINE. 

Cheers to all our travel plans! 
It's funny that all our arms are crossed over our bellies but after what we had for lunch, go figure. 
Thank you Ven and Jo for a wonderful lunch. 

Because I absolutely admire Chef Colin and how consistently good the food his restaurants have, our third dinner celebration was held in People's Palace. This time, with my good friends Victor and Liz Aliwalas. 
Photo courtesy of

This is actually my first time to try this fresh spring rolls as I always get the fried one but this is my new ultimate healthy favorite dish! 

HAD to have noodles as it is a birthday must. 

Always and forever one of my orders, Chicken with Cashew. 

Morning Glory with pork. 

And for that evening, we HAD to try the strawberry pavlova. SOOOO much better than the passion fruit. 

Fried Banana fritters with coconut ice cream. 

To my dearests, thank you for celebrating with me. I truly had a blast. 

Believe it or not, next week, Sala Bistro is on my list. Stay tuned. 

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