Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Chefs of PDS!

Two weeks ago, I was invited to judge a culinary challenge by the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS). It is the only specialty society for dermatology accredited by the Philippine College of Physicians and the Philippine Medical Association.

Sounds serious right? But it turned out to be CRAZY FUN!!! 

In the spirit of fellowship, they organized for the first time a cooking challenge event entitled “PDS Masterchef: Reality Cooking Experience”. It was a fun day for all the members of the society where they fostered camaraderie and promoted the benefits of healthy cooking as part of achieving healthy skin.

I am not sure why they chose me to judge but it's either my healthy skin or my healthy appetite. Probably the latter. 

Twenty-five (25) dermatologists aspiring to become chefs for a day was divided into five teams. Each team was given a mystery box wherein they have to come up with an appetizer, main dish and dessert course in four hours. 

The teams set up a buffet station for the judges and spectators.

When all cooking was done, it was time for the REAL chefs and I to taste their cooking.

You would not believe that some of the dishes were prepared by the doctors who have never stepped in the kitchen before that day. 

A pastry chef ex-bf that told me that dessert making is much more difficult than hot dishes to prepare. I kinda tend to believe him about this which is why I was blown away with these three particular desserts that the doctors made.

Owner of Cafe Ysabel, Chef Gene Gonzalez gave out 5 high end knives which he signed. 

The winning team! Congratulations!!! 

Thank you Dr. Jasmin Jamora and Dr. Anna Palabyab-Rufino for inviting me to be a part of this special occasion. 
Jasmin, my date, Jacqueline and yours truly. 

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