Thursday, December 17, 2009


For all of you out there who still have their MOMMY, go to her NOW! Call her, hug her, kiss her, give her flowers, just hold her hand. Just do it. Just tell her how much you love and appreciate her. Tell your dad to do the same.

I am sooooo naiingit to those who still have their mothers. You are so blessed. GO NOW! BILIS!!! Do it na!!!


JDHoschka said...

I feel exactly the same way

Gilbert said...

An opportunity missed is an opportunity lost... but worry not, whatever lost is a gained value in life. For some of us, it really never left us because of faith and memory. Faith and memory are inseparable. Our faith connects us to the human experience 24/7. Memory gives us language, culture, and relationships. Memory is who we are. At times, when we step back and look around for that missing part in our lives dear to us, life itself will re-connect us back to the legacy within that someone's faith and memory.
Que le vaya bien.