Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Goodbye and Welcome Dinner!

Welcome to a dinner that's been in my mind for 3 weeks now.

Let me start out with the spread. I have two words for it. Five pounds.

At the lobby, 5 food stations were scattered around for the guests. It was literally a food trip as I had to go around to taste the different cuisines prepared for the well wishers.

Summer Palace offered PEKING DUCK! You all know how I love PD! This was such a treat. Thank you Chef Tony Sum!

Paparazzi had a pasta station with assorted sauces. Chef Massimo Zamppar is cute too!

Senju made all the Japanese food lovers extremely happy with its selection. Here's Chef Toshi Obigani and Executive Sous Chef, Ashley Lucas.

Executive Chef, Paolo Versoni and the cold appetizers displayed on a huge ice carving was my favorite.

Of course, HEAT also did its best to add more inches to the waistline.

And finally, my favorite station....DESSERT!!! Loved their set up and choices.

One thing that I noticed about EDSA Shangri-la lately are the flower arrangements. They are huge and artistically done. It really makes a big difference.

The new General Manager of EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, Mr. Sinan Yilmaz.

The CandyMan with the GM of Shangri-la's Mactan Resort and Spa Hotel, Mr. Joachim Schutte.

The GM of Makati Shangri-la, Mr. Reto Klauser.

Your bloggerina and former EDSA Shangri-la Hotel GM, Mr. Christopher Chia and his lovely wife, Christina.

A sad farewell to you Mr. Chia and a warm welcome to Mr. Yilmaz!

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