Monday, June 1, 2009

Dashing David's Day!

Mai was a sneak. She went behind his back and planned things without David knowing. She was texting non-stop to remind the people to be sneaky like her. Everything was hush hush because David is not supposed to know.

It would probably make a great chizmiz (gossip) if she were having an affair but the only affair that happened was when Mai threw David a surprise birthday party last Saturday.

We got there way ahead of the couple and only vegetable sticks were being served on the chic table set up with a photo of David on the vase as decor. :)

But for me, the best looking decor was this precious little girl, Alexa wearing a couture gown by Puey Quinones.

Dinner was not served yet but of course, I took a sneak peek at the food before anyone dove into them.

Mai made a slide show of David's life as a child....and I have to say, if anyone ever does this for me, I will kill them. BWA HA HA!!!

The Party Peeps and your bloggerina.

Happy Birthday David!!!!


Anonymous said...

We love reading your blog! Thank you for posting and sharing this party with us.

Anonymous said...

i missed your blog! i kept on waiting till the next post! hay lumipat na pala. anyways, we are also planning an event for my mom's 60th. (not as bonngga as this though). i have to say, ang hirap and i'm going crazy na!!


candifier said...

HB, if you need help, let me know how I can help! :)