Thursday, August 10, 2017

Feeling the Love at 45.

Turning 45 is not as easy as I thought. My hormones are acting up. I needed to get a DNC because my monthly visitor wouldn't leave me for three straight months. So much so that I needed to get blood transfusion before the procedure. Hay..... age. 

Anyway, I decided to throw a party and spend my birthday with my loving family and friends. 

Robert Blancaflor is all I really need when I need to beautify the house to another level. His efficient staff will make sure that everything is perfect before your party begins. Thank you darling, for always being there for me. 

Never had the house filled with so many creative souls. Artists, designers, chefs and musicians came to show me some love. 
Boboy Consunji, James Reyes, Maco Custodio, Ginny Dizon, Joel Nunez, Eric Paras, Victor Magsaysay and yours truly. 

Ginny, Jody and Pat

Austin, Jacqueline, Paul Syjuco and Joel

Marga and SJ Mendoza, CJ, Lucille and Lauren Dizon and Markus Tauwald

Eric, Dennis Lustico, Rhoda Aldanese, Charisse Chuidian, your bloggerina, Boboy, Frederick Peralta, Ivar Aseron

Charisse and Rhoda

Mary Ann Olayvar and Mitzi de Guzman

Me, Charisse, Tina and Naty Pappas

Mark Wilson, Dennis, Ivar, Frederick, Patrice Diaz, Rajo Laurel, JC Buendia, Bea Ledesma, me, James, Robby Carmona, Jessica and Lulu Tan Gan

So happy you could both make it! And thank you so much for playing for me, Raul. 
Dr. Raul Sunico, Donita and my daddy, Cenen

Donita Rose, yours truly and Dr. Raul Sunico

Thank you Fifi for the gift and the cake! 

Cakes by Mannix.

I feel the love. 

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