Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dinner With Designers.

This dinner happened months ago. Just after Ms. Universe happened. 

I know. I am so bad at blogging on time and more often. 
In all honesty, I got sick of it for a while. For 2 years maybe. But perhaps there is this feeling of comfort that I can always go back to it when I am ready and have more important things to share. Actually, I have tons to post but I just delayed doing it because life got pretty busy.

Getting back to this dinner, I would like to thank Rajo and Nix for hosting such a fun evening in their home. I loved everything about it especially the laughter and stories that enveloped the Ms. Universe 2017 event. 

We also celebrated the birthday of Rhett Eala, who we all know dressed up Ms. Philippines. 

Ivar Aseron, Rajo Laurel, Patrice Diaz, Dennis Lustico, Rhett Eala and yours truly.

The spread.

A bit of their beautiful home. 

And the dessert. 

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