Monday, November 21, 2016

The Perfect Dinner.

It's a dinner plan made three months ago but someone was always out of the country or busy to ever get it to push through. We have all been dying to try the famous CHINESE LUMPIA of Tiff. 

FINALLY, last week, we were able to to stay put and get together at the host's beautiful home. Tiff outdid herself by setting up her whole house beautifully. Everything a guest could ever ask for was easily made available. 

The table set up. 
Fell in love with those Christmas crystal balls with lights inside. 

I discreetly tried to take some home but I think it was too obvious down my shirt.... I wore them as earrings and tried to act normal for this photo. 
Dennis Lustico, your bloggerina and Ivar Aseron

The rest of the house made us all feel the spirit of Christmas. The laughter was beyond daily limit and the drinks overflowed. 

The food though, was something else. From crispy chicken skin, to caviar pie, assorted cheeses, berries and nachos with Tiff's special salsa, well, let's just say that Santa Claus has some major belly competition. 

Oh did I forget to mention the cochinillo? Well, it was tender with the crispiest skin evahhhh...
Thank you Tess for this delicious monstrosity. 

Freshly steamed Lapu-lapu for those pretending to be healthy. It was so good Santi, thanks!

This is the best homemade Chinese lumpia I have ever tried. I had two heaps! I told the others to stop eating the rest so that I could take it home but because of the tequila rose, I had totally forgotten to grab my loot bag. Waaahhh!!! 

The beautiful ladies we all fondly call The Lolas, not sure why though as they can party all night long. Turn up the 80's music and we've got Tess doing the moves. 
Tiff, Santi, Christine and Tess

The class of 2016, University of Chinese Lumpia. 
Standing: Ivar, Santi, Stan, Tess, Dennis, Jasmin, Jen; Seated: Tiff, Almay, Christine, Freg and yours truly

A great big THANKS to Freg and Tiff for being the perfect hosts! 

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