Thursday, October 13, 2016

Swarovski's Akili

Myth and Reality

THE LION Myth and Reality Majestic, athletic, and powerful — it is little wonder that the lion is known as the king of the beasts. Revered as an icon in texts dating back to the days of Ancient Greece, the lion still remains a popular animal on coats of arms today. 

Its distinctive golden mane gives the animal an aura of pride. The magnificent coat instills respect in other males, while females are drawn to the lion’s spectacular headdress. 

 With a shoulder height of up to 120 centimeters, the lion is Africa’s largest predator. Yet, despite this, it still has one powerful enemy: humans! There are still far too many hunters who see the mighty animal as a trophy. There are now only 23,000 lions left in Africa, and in India their population is rapidly declining. 

Unlike other cats, lions live in prides. These are made up of several lionesses and their cubs, which are usually protected by a maximum of three to four males. When in danger, the lion protects itself with lightning-fast swipes of its paws — and its thundering roar! 

SCS ANNUAL EDITION 2016 LION AKILI The SCS Annual Edition 2016 is the Lion Akili. A noble creation in richly faceted crystal. Designer Heinz Tabertshofer used Light Sand for the body and Smoky Quartz crystal for the mane. The Swarovski logo, the designer’s initials, ”HT“, and the name ”Akili“ have been engraved on the very back paw. The Lion Akili is limited to one piece per member and available during 2016 only.

Swarovski is available at Rustan's Makati, Rustan's Shangri-la, Rustan's Alabang and Rustan's Cebu.

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